• MAE 308, Fluid Mechanics: Development of the basic equations of fluid mechanics in general and specialized form. Application to a variety of topics including fluid statics; inviscid, incompressible fluid flow; design of fluid dynamic system.
  • MAE 201, Thermodynamics I: Basic concepts in Thermodynamics and the first and second laws of thermodynamics.
  • MAE 302, Thermodynamics II: Continuation of Engineering Thermodynamics I with emphasis on the analysis of power and refrigeration cycles and the application of basic principles to engineering problems with systems involving mixtures of ideal gases, psychrometrics, nonideal gases, chemical reactions, combustion, and one-dimensional compressible flow.
  • MAE 505, Heat Transfer Theory and ApplicationDevelopment of basic equations for steady and transient heat and mass transfer processes. Emphasis on application of basic equations to engineering problems in areas of conduction, convection, mass transfer and thermal radiation.
  • MAE 789, Engineering at the Molecular LevelMolecular-level theory and modeling techniques. Project-based courses intended for engineering students with interests in the simulation of materials and studying properties at the molecular level using different atomistic simulation techniques.