(Updated on Dec 2021)

We have thesis-based master student position openings in the group. Highly-motivated students who perform well during the master period can also be converted to Ph.D. students.

In general, we are looking for highly-motivated students who are interested in the area of energy transport and novel materials. We welcome students with background in mechanical engineering (especially heat transfer area), materials science, optics, physics, and electrical engineering. Students who are interested in computational fluid mechanics should contact other advisors. Postdoc positions are not currently available but will be updated according to funding status. In addition, talented undergraduates who want to develop hands-on experience with laser, optics, electronics, and heat transfer are also welcomed to contact us for research opportunities both during the semesters and in the summer (with financial compensation). Self-supported master students are welcome to apply.

For RA applications, please go through the department online application system, and also send your transcript, resume, and a paragraph stating why your background matches the research goals of the group to Dr. Liu. You do not need to re-send multiple times if there is no reply. For undergraduate applications, please contact Dr. Liu ( directly.

As an individual group, we do not offer answers or guidance to general inquiries for graduate application/admission, which could be well taken care of by our graduate office. We generally offer Research Assistantship (RA) positions to high profile students who have demonstrated potential research capabilities.